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Google Analytics

Some events like the slide displayed or the recommended products clicked can be tracked in Google Analytics. In order to set it up, enable your Google Analytics integration:
Keep in mind that Pickzen will try to use the Google Analytics script installed on the page. If this script has not been installed, no events l be sent.



Event fired when a slide is displayed.
Event Action: slide-view Event Category: pz #assistantCode Label: #slideId


Event fired when the Assistant is completed.
Event Action: end Event Category: pz #assistantCode


Event fired when the user clicks on a recommended product.
Event Action: result-click Event Category: pz #assistantCode Event Label: #productId


Event fired when the Add all to cart button is clicked.
Event Action: result-generic-cta-click Event Category: pz #assistantCode
This is a sample view:
If you need any particular event, let us know.