Product attributes

Each product imported in Pickzen can have attributes. These attributes can be used to link products with answers using the default Filter recommendation engine, or to display them as features in the recommendations.

In order to view or edit the product attributes, select a product and open its Attributes section:

If you imported your products from Shopify, there will be 4 attributes predefined: col, tag, type, vendor that correspond with the Shopify Collections, Tags, Type and Vendor attributes.

Attributes can be multivalue, separating each value with comma. In the example above, that product has a tag attribute with three values.

You can create additional attributes to enrich your feed. Simply click on the Create attribute button and give an attribute name.

If you create attributes manually, you will have to enter its values for each product manually also. If you update your products list from a feed and new products are created, the attributes created manually will be empty.

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