Types and layouts

Each question is contained inside a slide, so the first thing you have to do is create the slide. You can do this by clicking on Add slide on the bottom:

When this button is clicked a pop-up will appear to select the type of the slide:

Once the slide is created, you can edit it easily:

The available Slide types are:

  • Welcome: A welcome slide with a typical welcome text.

  • Question: A closed-ended question that can be used to recommend products.

  • Feedback: A slide with only a message. This is particularly useful when combined with skip logic because customized messages can be displayed based on previous answers.

  • Form: A form slide where fields can be added to ask for information from the user.

If you need to change the type of an existing slide, simply click on its properties:

and click on Change type:

A slide may admit different views. If so, it can be chosen from the slide settings panel:

For example the Text view:

Or the Images view:

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