Slots are used to show specifics product types in a determined order as results.

This functionality is not user friendly yet. We are working to improve the editor.

For example, imagine you are selling cosmetics products and you want the results to be a cleanser, a serum, and a exfoliant. Only those three products in that exact order. In this case, you would define three slots, one for each type of product (cleanser, serum and exfoliant) and Pickzen will fill them with the best matching products automatically.

The slots are defined from attributes, so imagine a simple example where products have an attribute named type :

To define the slots, go to the end slide settings and check the Activate slots setting, and go to the new Slots tab:

Let's create three slots. We need to define the conditions for each slot. The conditions are attributes that products have to have to be included in the slot. In this example, where the unique attribute is named type, the conditions and titles would be:

The result would be something like:

Only three products, one of each type.

In our advanced mode, you can also create slots with more complex conditions, for example:

In this case, this slot would be filled with the best matching Shiseido cleanser. In this case, the products would also need a vendor attribute:

You can also define slots without a specific attribute. For example:

In this case, this slot would be filled with the best matching cleanser that is not Shiseido.

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