HubSpot guide

When a user completes a pickzen, all captured information can be sent to a Hubspot list. This includes the lead information, selected answers, and information filled in from form-slides.

Let’s suppose we have a pickzen with these three slides:

To send your leads and user preferences to Hubspot, follow these steps:

Click on the field settings for E-mail and Name fields:

Go to the Advanced tab and set the keys as email and firstname to map these answers to the corresponding Hubspot field properties:

Go to the second slide and click on the answer settings for the Underage Yes answer:

Go to the Advanced tab and set the underage key in the Answer key field:

Finally, do the same with each of the three Likes answers and set their keys as action, comedy, and drama.

Once configured all answers and fields, publish the Assistant, exit the editor and go the Hubspot integration:

Click on Add integration to create a new one and select the Assistant you want to integrate, enter your HubSpot API Key, the List ID where you want to send your leads, and the keys you configured previously:

In this example, we are sending the email, firstname and underage values as separated fields to HubSpot, and the action, comedy, and drama values combined as a HubSpot custom field named likes.

Custom HubSpot fields like "underage" and "likes" must be created in HubSpot, otherwise, the lead will not be registered in HubSpot.

Once a lead is received, the lead Contact Information panel in HubSpot will display the entered information:

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