Builder Overview

The Pickzen Builder is where you will create your pickzen:

Top menu

The top menu is divided into three parts: Title, Step Navigation, and Publishing buttons.

You can change the pickzen title simply by clicking on its name:

On the right of the top menu, the following buttons appear:

Eye button: It allows previewing the current version of the pickzen without having to publish it.

Save button: It is used to save a draft with the last changes. Those changes won't be visible to your users until you click on the Publish button. If you want to see your changes in action before publishing them to your users, you can use the Preview button.

Publish button: It allows publishing the current changes into Production. Typically, once a pickzen is live on a website, you will only want to update it when the new version is finished and you can ensure it is correct. In this case, the changes you make on the quiz can be seen through the preview button without altering the production pickzen. Once everything is correct, you would click on the publish button to make those changes live.

At the center of the top menu, you can find the Step Navigation, showing the steps that have to be completed in order to finish the pickzen. The current step will appear highlighted:

Finally, at the left of the top menu, there is the Exit link to exit the Builder and come back to the home.

Left menu

The left menu is composed of buttons that will change based on the current step. For example, when the Questions step is selected, this menu will be:

Slide settings

At the right of the left menu appears the slide settings panel whose content will depend on the selected slide:

Preview panel

At the right of the slide settings panel appears the preview panel showing the current slide:

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