Replacing pickzens

If you have a pickzen in Production and want to make some changes to it, you can duplicate the pickzen, modify the duplicated pickzen, and when you are finished, you can replace the current Production pickzen with the new version. However, there is a drawback with this approach: both pickzens are different assistants, with different metrics and leads. So you will have to select the correct pickzen to see the metrics, depending on the time frame they were in Production.

A better solution is to overwrite the current Production pickzen with the new pickzen, so metrics will be always associated with the same Production pickzen.

For example, say you have these two pickzens:

In order to copy the Look finder - New version into the Look finder - Production, click on its 3 dots and select Copy to pickzen:

And select the Assistant you want to overwrite:

You can select which parts of the pickzen you want to copy.

Before overwriting a live pickzen, check the new pickzen works as expected, and always make a backup copy selecting the Make a backup copy option.

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