Klaviyo guide

When a user completes a pickzen, all captured information can be sent to a Klaviyo list. This includes the lead information, selected answers, and information filled in from form-slides.

Let’s suppose we have a Survey which these two slides:

Klaviyo needs that leads sent to a list have an email. If your pickzen does not provide an email field, no information will be sent to Klaviyo.

To send your leads and user preferences to Klaviyo, follow these steps:

Click on the Android answer settings:

Go to the Advanced tab and enter a key in the Answer key field:

Similarly, enter a key for the iOS answer:

In this case, the information sent to Klaviyo will be Android=* or iOS=* depending on the answer selected by the user. However, in the case of single selection answers, it would be preferred to send something like OS=Android or OS=iOS. Use the following keys to achieve this:

Now, select the form slide and enter the field keys for the fields name and city (the email field will be sent automatically to Klaviyo):

In Klaviyo, there are some predefined field names as $first_name that have to be set as Field key to be mapped correctly in Klaviyo lists.

Once all answers and fields are configured, publish the pickzen, exit the editor, and go to the Klaviyo integration:

Click on Add integration to create a new one. Then, select the pickzen you want to integrate and configure the rest of the parameters:

If Require confirmation is checked, the lead will only appear in Klaviyo once the user has accepted to be included in the list through a confirmation email.

Find or your Klaviyo private API Key in the Settings panel within your account:

The page that shows up has your API keys. If you don’t have any keys, you can create the first one by clicking on the Create API Key button.

Select a private API key. Otherwise, the integration won't work.

Get the List ID where you want the information to be sent, select the list, and click on Settings:

The ID is the text in bold.

Enter the private API Key and List ID in the corresponding fields:

Now, put your answer and field keys that you defined previously in the Keys field separated by semicolons:

It is very important that they are separated by semicolons, otherwise, no information will be sent to Klaviyo.

Finally, test your survey and check your leads shows up in Klaviyo:

You can find the answers in the Custom Properties section at the bottom right.

Once a lead is subscribed to a list, no new user can be added with the same email. If a user retakes the Assistant and answers differently, the lead information and custom properties will be updated in Klaviyo.


In order to test your integration to Klaviyo, the button Test can be used:

Once configured, click on the Test button and a new lead with a random email based on your current username will be sent to the Klaviyo list along with your keys filled up with sample data:

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