Features from linking

Imagine you have your questions and answers defined and you want the linking (categorization) to appear automatically in your products results. Go to the end slide and click on the Features table icon:

There you will see the a list of tour questions:

If you want to add the first one to the features table, click on it and enable the check:

A form is showed with default information based on this particular question. At the right you can see a preview of the features table such as it would be displayed in each product.

If we were to change the texts to create a more understandable features table:

In this case, Low, Medium and High would appear checked in the features table depending on the linking of this question.

Similarly, if your second question were:

You can modify the texts to something like:

And finally, a third slide like:

That you modify to:

When a user takes the quiz the results would be something like:

If you want to show only the matching features, go to the advanced tab and enable "Show only matching features":

In this case, the result would be:

If you don't want a section per question, you can group questions in a generic section. Enable "Include in general section" for each answer you want to move to this generic section. For example:

The result would be:

You can modify the title of this generic section in the settings tab:

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