Facebook/Instagram retargeting

In order to retarget your users from Facebook/Instagram your Facebook pixel Id has to be configured in Pickzen. Select Integrations/Facebook and enter your pixel Id:

Once done all your Assistants will send information to your Facebook account.

In case you don't want a specific quiz to send information to Facebook, you can uncheck the Facebook pixel setting.

Let's suppose we have an Assistant with the following questions:

  1. What shoes do you prefer?

    1. Flat

    2. Heel

  2. What style do you prefer?

    1. Classic

    2. Fashion

  3. Enter your name and age

    1. Name

    2. Age

Now, suppose we want to retarget the users that prefer fashion heel shoes with age greater than 30 years old. Go to Integrations / Facebook and select your Assistant. The Audiences Creation Helper will display all the available keys needed to create the audience on Facebook:

All answers are associated with the pzSlide event. In this example, the Heel answer has pzSlide options as [101], Fashion pzSlide options as [107], and the age field f101_105 as 30.

With this information, we can go to Facebook Ads Manager and create a new audience:

Note as the keys are relative to the current Assistant so first of all, it is necessary to filter the pzSlide events by Assistant code:

Similarly, in the case you need to retarget only the users that completed the Assistant, you can also use the event pzFinish with the Assistant code:

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