Selecting products

When a feed of products has been defined the Products panel will show all products of your feed. Something similar to:

By default, all products will be used in your pickzen. If you only want to use a reduced set of products, you can select them one by one, or define a rule to select them automatically.

Selecting products one by one

In order to select your products one by one, simply mark those you want to be used in your pickzen:

In this example, only 4 products were selected and will be used for recommendation.

Selecting products by rules

If the feed contains hundreds or thousands of products, selecting them one by one can be a heavy task. In these cases, selecting products by rules can be of help.

Click on the by rules link:

The products panel will change to a rules panel:

Clicking on Siple Rule we can define de rule to select the products. For example, all products with tag flat:

In our Plus and Pro plans, more complex rules can be defined, combining AND / OR expressions. For example, all shoes with tags heel and fashion:

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