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Response based texts

Response-based texts are customized texts based on the user responses that can be shown in a pickzen or sent emails.
Say you are selling vitamins and you ask this question:
You want to show a message in the results indicating that the recommended vitamins are safe for pregnant woman, but you only want to show this message when it is a pregnant woman who is taking the quiz.
Go to general settings
, select the Insertable texts tab, and expand Response based texts:
Click on the Add text button:
To create a response based text, you must define the condition if you want to display it first. In this case would be a Simple Rule:
Next, we have to define the text that will be shown. Click on the pencil icon
and set this text:
Finally enter info as alias:
Once you have defined an insertable text, go to the end slide and set this parameter in the slide:
When you take the pickzen and answer you are pregnant, this will be the result:
If you answer anything else, no extra message will be shown:
In this example, we have defined only one insertable text, but we can define as much as we need. For example:
Note we used the same Alias info in order to use the same placeholder, but you could use a different alias if you need.
Last modified 1yr ago