Smart texts

You can create customized stories and add them to the features table. For example, say you are selling electric scooters and have this question:

Imagine your products have the following attributes:

Now, you want to show a personalized message for those people that take the bus or metro and need to carry the electric scooter, like an option that would be a good fit for them, like one that weighs less than 14Kg.

Go to the end slide and click on the features table icon:

Now, select the Smart texts tab:

Now click on the Add text button:

On the left, you can define the rule to show the message. In this case it would be an AND Rule that will be activated when you select that take the bus and the scooter weighing less than 14Kg:

Now, enter the customized text at the right:

The final result would be something like this:

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