Requesting access

You can request access to enter into another Pickzen account and act on the actual owner's behalf.

This feature is only available from our PRO plan.

To do this, click on your username at the top right of the screen, and click on Managed accounts.

You can request access to a Shopify account, or to a generic account. For example, if you needed to access the Pickzen account linked to a Shopify store, click on the Request generic access button and enter the account information you want to manage:

Once requested, it will pass to the pending state and Peter will receive an email with the authorization detail:

Once Peter accepts the authorization, a Log in button will appear:

To access this account, click on the Log in button to log in account:

Peter's account will show this new authorization:

Peter can revoke this access whenever he wants, clicking on the Revoke button:

Accesses can be requested as Full or View accesses. With Full access, the manager can do anything. However, with View access, the manager only can see metrics and data, not being able to edit.

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