Sending e-mails to new leads

You can send an email to your users when they complete the pickzen. To enable this mode go to Integrations and select E-mail and in the displayed panel select a pickzen:

Click on Active to activate the sending of e-mails and configure the E-mail subject, Reply to, and Sender:

In order for the emails to be sent on your behalf, you need to configure the Sender field.

The format is Sender name <email>, i.e. My company <>

Once we receive your request we need to authorize this; until then, no email will be sent.

On the right, you can enter the HTML of the email template or use our Template Builder. Click on Launch Template Builder and select a template:

The email builder will show up where you can customize the style and texts:

In order to preview a change, click on the Preview button:

Once customized, click on the Apply button:

When users complete the Assistant, this email can be sent showing up to 6 recommended products.

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