Creating products manually
If you don't have a feed of products, you can create your products manually by clicking on the button from Step 2 - Products:
If you have installed the Pickzen App from the Shopify App Store, you almost surely won't need to create products manually. View Importing Products from Shopify for more information. If some of these options are not available, let us know so we can provide the needed permissions.
When you click the Add new button, a dialog box will be displayed where you can edit your new product:
The fields you can modify are:
  • ID: The unique identifier of the product.
  • SKU: Stock-keeping unit.
  • Name: The name of the product that will be displayed in the recommendations.
  • Vendor: The vendor of the product.
  • Price: The price of the product without the currency. The currency has to be defined in general settings.
  • Boost: The boost is used to sort the recommended products. If you want a product to be recommended first, give it a greater boost. The default boost for all products is 1.0.
  • URL: The external URL of the product is where the user can see more information when the recommended product is clicked.
  • Image: The URL with the image of the product.
  • Description: The text with a description of the product. This description can be shown along with the recommendations.
If you create a product manually and afterward your products are synchronized with a feed, those products whose IDs are not in the feed will be removed.
Notice the pin icon
next to some fields. If you later decide to connect your products to a feed, use the pin to save what you have entered manually. Otherwise, those fields will be replaced with the information contained in the feed.
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